Design Question

How can we design a narrative in Virtual Reality that can motivate interactors to identify themselves as part of the virtual world and engage with virtual characters?


A Thriller-themed VR experience in which the interactor resurrects from a coffin with other zombies, realizes his/her identity, follows the invitation and dancing tutorial provided by Michael Jackson, and joins a group zombie dance in the end.

My Role

VR Experience Designer, Unity Developer


Sept. 2018 - Now

Team Members

Tony Jin, Shengxi Wu, Yannu Li, Huan Deng


Unity 3D

My Contribution

I came up with the initial idea with Shengxi, and pitched it to other group members. During the initial planning phase, I encouraged my team to brainstorm ideas for different "touchpoints" in the experience, and led those brainstorming sessions. I prototyped all the interactions in Unity, evaluated the experience through 3 rounds of testing, and iterated on the design with my teammates.

Design Outcome

The project is still in progress--we only made the prototype with enough fidelity for us to test our ideas and see people's reactions; we still need to iterate on the narrative & interaction design. Here's a medium-fidelity prototype that we recently tested with the public:

This project is still in progress. Please check back in a week or two for further updates.